Ring of Fire Video II

Here is a link to the five minute version of The Ring of Fire Video. The first 2.5 minutes are the same, the last 2.5 minutes are worth watching. Thanks to Brother M. Stallings of Orlando Fire “the Pride” and The Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society (FOOLS) for the link.-Jeff-



Dangerous Parapets

Here is a new type of parapet they are placing on buildings. This structure is Type 2- non combustible construction. These parapets are made from foam and are covered with stucco. They look exactly like the rest of the building; however they are NOT load bearing. You can see in one of the photos here that they even spray paint them with “Do Not Stand here” and “Not Structural Keep Off” Problem is the spray paint fades after a few months. It is very important that you know your first due area!

Now why did this show up on VentEnterSearch.com?

What if you utilized a ground ladder to gain roof access? What would happen to the structural integrity of the parapet after fire vented from a second floor window (hopefully away from your choice of ladder placement.) What about stepping onto the parapet from the bucket while attempting to get the roof?

As Frank always taught us…The building is your enemy, know your enemy. –Jimm-

Additional photos here

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Stupid engine guys…

And they say Truck guys are too aggressive…

Click here for video

What the heck were these guys thinking? -Jimm-


Ironic isn’t it?

Didn’t we just mention this?

What was he going to do anyway? No airpack…-Jimm- 

Photo from firefighterclosecalls.com


Another Awesome Ventilation Video

Check out this awesome video focusing on vertical ventilation. Some of the shots are pretty extreme examples. We understand some of the safety concerns you may have with some of the practices. Go ahead and leave some comments here on the blog and let us know what you think. By the way thanks MS for pointing this video out to us! Great stuff. -Jimm-

Click here for the video



Porches provide a great tactical advantage. It allows the outside truck team to VentEnterSearch (VES) two rooms from one ladder and a stable platform. In addition if you do find a victim, it’s much easier to pull them onto the roof and wait for other assistance then to possibly take them down the ladder on your own. Porches however need to be “sized up” before operating on. How many people have built, or help build someone else’s porch? Amazing how many building construction experts we have when it’s someone else’s project. Ever heard the term “can’t see it from my house” when working on a brothers home? Exactly how many cold ones were consumed before the project was completed? All I’m saying is, if your entire operation is based on this “stable” platform, just give it a good once over before you operate on it. Personally I would love to have the staffing that is displayed in this picture. Looks like a six man outside truck team, with their own chief! Personally If I were to throw two ladders to the same porch I would place them on opposite ends. That way everyone isn’t piling up on each other if the time comes to un-ass that porch. Two ladders side by side may have been placed to facilitate carrying a victim down, but by the look of this picture, I doubt it. -Jimm-

Picture from www.firefighterclosecalls.com  


Thoughts from Jeff

Thank you to all who have posted and are currently visiting our site. As Jimm has posted, the site is undergoing some major renovations at this time. Some of the plans that we have for VentEnterSearch.com are to keep ongoing series of articles that will give ideals, suggestions as will as insightful information on all aspects of Truck Company operations. This site is being developed as not only a learning resource but also a place to discuss the many facets of truck work as well as special operations, which have become some of the many responsibilities of our operations. We plan to post on many various topics, which will include building construction, SOG’s, ventilation, forcible entry, search and rescue techniques and much more. We will include pictorials and examples of discussion topics to give you more of a visual understanding of the discussions. Some of the new areas we intend to have will include newly posted articles as well as an archive section to refresh on the many previous issues as well as current discussion topics and forums. In the long term we intend on publishing a newsletter that will be mailed to individuals as well as departments to continue to impress the importance of training as well as sound tactics to make safe and effective tactical operations. In many parts of the country the art of Truck Company operations are fading fast and it is our hopes here at VentEnterSearch.com to continue to provide the essential training as well as provide a path for allowing readers to pass on their years of knowledge and recommendations to keep this art from becoming extinct. We also hope that our site will become a path for not only these seasoned veterans but also the newest members of our profession. We have many talented individuals that have operated many years on truck companies through out all concepts and operations that will have many insightful articles from which we will expand upon. Once again thanks to all and keep checking back as there are many great things to come. –Jeff-


Charles Lindberg’s thoughts about VES

Well maybe he wasn’t exactly referring to VES when he said this, but it certainly seems applicable.


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Working on the site

Hey, you probably noticed that the site is being re-developed. We are switching some things around with our web-hosting. It’s going to be much more user friendly in the next few weeks. Anyway, this week may be a slow week with updates… I’m currently enroute to FDIC. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of great info to share. -Jimm-

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What does “Residential” mean to you?

This discussion recently occured at the firehouse, and I want to see what everyone thought. If during an initial on-scene report the term residential is used what does that mean to you? Below are some questions to provoke your thoughts…

Is it used to suggest that the building is potentially occupied?

Is it used to suggest a type of constriction?

Is it used to suggest the potential of a light weight timber truss roof assembly? 

Would you use the term for a single family dwelling? What about a garden apartment?

Does it suggest the size of the structure? What about a large residential?

Let us know what you think.


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