Garage Doors

This video shows an important lesson about garage doors. Make sure to have your sound turned on to hear what happens toward the end. We actually received multiple emails and phone calls telling us about this video. Thank you to all who took the time to let us know about it. -Jimm-




Halligan Envy


The Halligan is by far one of the most versatile tools on the fireground. There may be that rare occasion when the standard 30” Halligan just can’t get the job done. Trust me, it’s rare but it could happen. Pictured above is a commercially sold 54” Halligan. Personally I haven’t been faced with a situation that would make me carry it regularly, but it’s nice to know that it’s on the rig.

Another viable option is also pictured above. It involves using two Halligan’s simultaneously. It’s just like adding a cheater bar to the Halligan. When forcing an outward swinging door, place the first Halligan as usual. If more leverage is needed, place another Halligan’s forks into the first Halliagn’s forks. Now two people can easily apply force to the tool set. It’s helpful if one firefighter places a hand over the forks to keep them engaged. It may look ugly but it gets the job done. –Jimm-


Merry Christmas!

The staff at would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We would also like to thank each one of you for visiting and contributing to the site. We have big plans for the site in 2007 and look forward to sharing them with throughout the New Year. Stay safe this holiday season. –Jimm-


What were you expecting?

So, you’re aggressive enough to get the roof… You cut the hole… You punch through the ceiling… The fire vents out…


Why are you surprised? That’s what it’s supposed to do! That’s why we vent! Why on earth would you stay on the roof, wait for a hoseline, and open the line into the vent? I sure hope no one was interior at the time. -Jimm-

Photos by Robb Ware



What goes up…

Proper butting of the ladder is very important. There are many different acceptable methods out there. I was recently sent this video of a method I was unfamiliar with. I believe its call the “screw your buddy” method. I’m not sure where this video came from, but it sure is funny.

Now I know why most truck guys prefer one-man ladder operations.-Jimm-



Look Close

Vincent Wolfe from Charlotte Ladder 1 sent some pictures of something interesting they found on a call. Look at this picture and check out the supplemental page for a full description of their find. –Jimm-

Click here for description



Slacking on Links

We are slacking on our links page. We apologize to everyone we have not yet included. We will be updating the links page soon, and trying to get caught up. We just wanted to let everyone know we haven’t been blowing you off intentionally. If you have already emailed your links, we have a list, and will be updating soon. If you have not yet emailed them to us, feel free to send them in at any time. We sincerely thank everyone who is already linking to us. The success of this site would not be possible without your support. Thanks! –Jimm-

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Is that a cigar in your pocket?

Check out the “what’s in your pockets” page for two new ideas. Jimm


Check Store & The “Doggy Door”

We have noticed a significant increase in the amount of check cashing stores all over Central Florida. We are sure everyone else has them too. These stores have some interesting forcible entry and search issues associated with them. Check out the supplemental page for a full description and additional photos.

A special thanks goes to Battalion Chief Jeff Pindelski from Downers Grove (IL) Fire Department for his idea on the “Doggy Door” cut. Check it out. –Jimm-


Cherry Bombers

One of the brothers from Tampa Fire showed me this great idea. It’s simply a wood dowel and a bent nail. This is another effective way to prop open a door. Just open the door, and place the Cherry Bomber over a hinge. Even though it’s on a helmet, it will be added to the “What’s in your Pockets” page. If any of you Tampa guys can send me a name to give credit to, please let me know. -Jimm-


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