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Keys to the City-8hr. H.O.T.

We will be holding a 8hr. Forcible Entry class titled “Keys to the City” at Valencia College’s Fire Rescue Institute on March 13, 2018. To register call Valencia College at 407-582-6688.

As the forcible entry team, you have the pressure of the entire fire ground on you. The door must be opened to allow searches and hose advancement to happen. This class will give you the confidence as if you have the “keys to the city” when faced with any forcible entry challenge.
Students will start with the basics and progress towards real world forcible entry challenges. Participants will have a great understanding on the “whys” of forcible entry. This class is 100% conventional techniques and will focus on repetition to build a good forcible entry foundation. Our through-the-lock and passive entry rotation will be hands-on and detailed, insuring participants have a sound understanding of pulling and manipulating locks. Students will end the day with a live smoke forcible entry scenario, forcing several doors in tight quarters.
This class is for any firefighter or fire officer wanting to know the details in forcible entry and will give them the skill to tackle any challenge.
Skills covered:
Tool orientation
Door Construction and swing
Passive entry
Security window bars
Limited hallway space
Limited visibility
and MORE…
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Inside/Out-H.O.T. Class-Jimm Walsh Fundraiser Event

VentEnterSearch in collaboration with Valencia College will be holding an 8hr. live fire H.O.T. class titled Inside/Out. This course will focus on the importance of riding assignments for the Truck Company. Students will learn how and why splitting up Truck Company assignments into the inside team and outside team make the Truck Company more effective. Like all classes offered at Valencia College in the VentEnterSearch series, skills will be covered under live fire conditions.

Search and Forcible Entry
Ladders and Ventilation
Covered in the Two Team Format
Skills covered under live fire conditions

Valencia College is donating 100% of the class earnings to Jimm Walsh and his family! On August 9th, Chief Walsh suffered a serious medical emergency while on duty. He was immediately treated and transported to Florida Hospital Orlando where he underwent emergency surgery. Please keep Chief Walsh in your prayers as he will have a long road to recovery.

Register Here

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Can Confidence Training Minutes

Portions of the VentEnterSearch Can Confidence class were recently featured on Season 19 of Fire Engineering’s Training Minutes. We have always been known for being huge advocates of the Water Can. When carried correctly, and utilized properly, the Can will put out a tremendous amount of fire. It’s an ideal tool for companies or crews who do not have the protection of a hose line. In these videos we demonstrate the Can’s abilities under live fire conditions by utilizing thermal imagining video. The break down and links to each episode are below.

Episode 1 covers the basics of the Water Can, and covers some of its capabilities and limitations. Click here for Episode 1.

Episode 2 covers several Can modifications to make the Can more user friendly and versatile. Click here for Episode 2.

Episode 3 covers multiple ways to search with the can. These are just a few methods we demonstrate in our Can Confidence class. Click here for Episode 3.

Episode 4 covers interior door removal, moving a door that has been removed and shows how much fire a residential hollow core door can hold back. Click here for Episode 4.

Episode 5 covers the concept of locate, confine and extinguish fire with nothing more than the Can. Click here for Episode 5.

Episode 6 covers the proper way to apply water from the can. It also demonstrates the effectiveness of the Can on a modern fuel load! Click here for Episode 6.

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Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo



The VentEnterSearch crew will be spreading Can Confidence and Aggressive Search Techniques at the 8th Annual Ft. Lauderdale Fire Expo on October 27-29, 2016. We will be offering a full day program under live fire conditions in an acquired structure. We have been given three apartments in the structure pictured below.


Click here for additional information or to register for the class.

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Can Confidence


VentEnterSearch will be spreading Can Confidence in Ft. Wayne (IN) for the Ft. Wayne Metro FOOLS. Jimm and Eric will be teaching the Can Confidence portion of a H.O.T. class in Auburn, IN this weekend (September 24th). There may be a spot of two left if you act fast. Click here for more information, and to register.

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Intelligently Aggressive Truck Functions


Join us at FDIC 2016 on Wednesday April 20th at 10:30 in room 138-139. Jimm will be debuting his new class Intelligently Aggressive Truck Functions. Get there early, last year we had well over 250 students in the class, with standing room only at the back of the room.

Come learn how to take your truck skills to the next level.

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Can Confidence & Advanced Search Class


Valencia College located in Orlando, FL will be hosting the extremely popular class “Can Confidence” on January 29th. This full day class will include the normal 4 hour can class with an additional 4 hours focused on advanced search techniques. The search component will cover proven, realistic search techniques to improve your efficiency and effectiveness on the fire ground. The class will feature a number of Class A fires to ensure students are learning and practicing skills in realistic fire conditions. For additional details and sign up information click here to access the class flyer.


Keynote Presentation and Leadership Classes


Jimm Walsh will be heading to the 23rd Annual North Country New Hampshire Emergency Services Conference on November 13-15, 2015 at the North Conway Grand Hotel in North Conway, New Hampshire.
He will not only have the pleasure of of facilitating two of his popular Leadership classes, he will also be giving the Conference’s Keynote Address titled Responding with Passion, Purpose, and Pride.

The conference is sponsored by Littleton Regional Healthcare in conjunction with New Hampshire State Fireman’s Association. Additional details about the conference can be found by clicking here. Online registration is available here.

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Can Confidence- H.O.T. Class

VentEnterSearch will be spreading Can Confidence to the gulf coast of Florida for the Sun Coast FOOLS. Jimm and Eric will be teaching the Can confidence portion of a H.O.T. class in Englewood, (FL) on May 28th – 29th. This will be a two day class with the same delivery both days to accommodate shift schedules, space is limited so sign up fast.

sarasota can class flyer

This class is designed to build confidence on one of the most often neglected tools found on nearly every fire apparatus, the 2 1/2 gallon water extinguisher. The “Can” can be an extremely effective lifesaving tool by allowing a well-trained fireman to quickly apply water between fire and victims. Attendees will learn proper filling and pressurization steps, how to build homemade carrying straps and other useful “Can” modifications. The class will also cover valuable skills on carrying and searching with the “Can,” and confining fire with it as well. Students will cycle through a “force an interior door off its hinges” prop and use this door to hold back live fire and smoke. Finally, attendees will perform live fire attacks with nothing more than a “Can” and witness the effect of the “Can” on pre-flashover conditions.

The target audience for this class is firefighters and fire officers at any level with a desire to increase their confidence and learn how to properly utilize the water can.
Cost: $60


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Aggressive Truck Functions for a Safer Fireground

Head on over to to check out Jimm’s recently published article titled Aggressive Truck Functions for a Safer Fireground. Click here for a direct link to the article. It introduces the idea of how the timely execution of Aggressive Truck Functions can actually make the fireground safer.

Jimm once again has the honor of presenting a class under the same title at FDIC this year on Wednesday April 22, 2015 at 10:30am in the Wabash 1 room. There is also a video on also of Jimm talking about the class click here for a link to the video.

We look forward to seeing you in Indy, you know where we’ll be on Wednesday!

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