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Closet on the Primary?

Captain Mike Meddles from Soledad (CA) sent in these pictures that he and his crew found on a medical run. When they asked the family how old the child sleeping on the bed was, one of the family members asked which one and motioned toward the closet. Look close.

It is a little tight in there, but there is a child sleeping in her bed in the closet. The subject of searching closets on a primary is always an interesting discussion. This just shows what really can happen.


Truck Work Challenge

Lieutenant Kenneth Pagurek from Philadelphia Squad 47/B sent in these pictures of a structure that would require some great truck work. The crew of Squad 47 came across this mess while checking out their area. Photo credit goes out to Firefighter Terry Lorson and the rest of the 47’s gang. The structure has store fronts and residential units, with all sorts of surprises: billboards mounted to the facade and the roof, roll up doors, fence, razor wire and the list goes on… We know this may not be in your area, but it’s a great time to review with the crews about prioritizing your truck work. Use this one a company drill around the dinner table. There is a lot that needs to be done and overcome on this structure. What needs to be done first? Who’s going to accomplish the task? What tools are needed?

Click here to see more pictures of the structure.


From the Jump Seat to the Front Seat

Jimm Walsh, co-founder and webmaster here at will be presenting From the Jump Seat to the Front Seat on Tuesday October 12, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. The class is being hosted by the Central Ohio FOOLS, and is being held at the Columbus Local 67 Union Hall. This extremely motivational and informative class will focus on much more than basic leadership principles. While there are some basics of leadership that are applicable for any rank, this class will cover some specific principles for each rank from the bottom to the top. Click here to download the class flier.


Set Up for Failure

A long time friend sent in these pictures of a ladder compartment that is set up for failure. This particular ladder compartment is split into two sides and stores the ladders in a vertical fashion. However, that has nothing to do with the problem, take a close look in that compartment. Shovels, water keys, hooks, and a broom all have to be removed from the compartment before the ladders can be removed. …No wonder why the ladders aren’t getting thrown. It reflects the unfortunate trend that is plaguing the fire service (not throwing enough ladders.) While we totally understand the fact that there is never enough room on the rig, we need to keep our mission in mind. Today’s fireground presents us with enough challenges; we don’t need to bring our own. The ladders will do us no good if they are still in the compartment. It comes down to a matter of company pride. Take pride in your rig, and ensure that it is set-up for success, not failure. If we don’t who will?