Security Bars

We have pointed out in the past that when forcing entry, attacking the weakest link is typically the most efficient way to accomplish your objective. Windows with security bars are no different. The following pictures and videos were provided by Battalion Chief John Riker from Newark Fire Department.

Our initial inspection shows us that we have security bars that are secured into a brick wall on the inside of the window opening. One well placed strike from irons (using pike of the halligan), quickly shows us what we want to find... "the weakest link."

After a few strikes of the irons, the entire anchor will be exposed. The exposed anchor can then be pried out with the fork of the halligan.

Once the fork end has created enough of a purchase, switch to the adz end for more leverage.

Once the adz is placed, use the pike as leverage to bend the entire security bar assembly to defeat to remainder of the anchor. Focus on all of the anchors on one side, once the entire side is defeated, try to pry the entire security bar assembly away from the building.

The picture above is a little bit different. This security bar assembly is mounted on the outside of the window opening. This particular setup is frequently easier to defeat then the inside the window frame opening. This time start off with the adz and set it in-between the building and the security bar assembly.

Again, use the pike of the halligan for additional leverage when possible.

At least one side of the window is not set-up perfectly for using the pike as leverage.

As mentioned earlier, focus your efforts on one side and pull the security bar assembly away from the building.

The first video (click here) shows that sometimes the halligan is all that you need. Obviously the fact that the security bar assembly is only secured into a wood frame wall makes it a bit easier.

The second video (click here) shows the irons being used to defeat a security bar assembly secured on the outside of the window opening in a bock wall.

Special thanks go out the Battalion Chief Riker and the Brothers from Newark for sharing this information.