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Aggressive truck company functions are quickly becoming the lost art of the fire service. VentEnterSearch.com was created by a few Central Florida firemen who enjoy talking fire. Every day, in every city across the nation, firefighters sit down and talk fire. We wanted to create a place on the web that everyone could do just that.

We are firm believers in aggressive truck company functions - they save lives! We do not expect everyone to agree with everything we post. We are not experts; we are firemen just like you. Our goal is to ensure everyone has the knowledge to make educated and effective tactical decisions. It is quite possible to be aggressive yet safe.

The opinions expressed on this site are those of the authors, and are in no way affiliated with any particular department. Everyone is encouraged to freely express their own opinion in the comments section. Please note that we assume no responsibility for any of those opinions. We have no desire of censoring or editing any comments from our readers. However, it is important to recognize that it is not the intent of this website to allow department bashing. If we find postings that we feel are slanderous, they will immediately be deleted. Feel free to make your point, but please leave specific department names out of any negative comments. You are always welcome to mention department names with a positive tone.

The information on this site remains property of VentEnterSearch.com. However, feel free to use it for training and other constructive (non-profit) purposes. When using our material, please mention our name and provide a link whenever possible. We make all attempts to give full credit when referencing someone else's material. If you find that we have unknowingly used someone else's material without permission, please contact us and we will rectify the situation. It is our pledge to you that your personal information (email, etc) will NEVER be shared with anyone else.

We do not support freelancing! Please feel free to use the information found on our site to help make a positive change in your department. If your department is not willing to support aggressive truck company functions, then you should not perform them.

The information contained on this site does not replace training.
Remember: You perform the way you train!

Our Mission:
The mission of VentEnterSearch.com is simply to protect the lost art of the fire service.

Stay Safe and Enjoy the Site!