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A Welcomed Butt

In today’s fire service we continually have to do more with less. As firefighters we have the mindset to improvise, adapt, and overcome problems we encounter. Unfortunately, we are now forced to accomplish this with fewer personnel on scene. To overcome this we need to look for clever ways to accomplish certain routine tasks. We often find ourselves having to throw ladders on concrete or similar slick surfaces and work off of them. How many videos have you seen where the ladder slips out from under a firefighter as they climb? Has it even happen to you? We all know no one wants to be the guy butting a ladder during a fire, and we certainly can’t afford to take someone away from performing more important tasks on the fireground. How about using the doormat found at the front door of a home? Yes the one that says “Welcome”! The doormat can be placed under the butt of your ladder allowing the ladder to grip the concrete better. These mats are commonly found at most doors leading into a home or commercial properties. Look for anything that may add some friction between the butts and the concrete. With less personnel on scene we need to be on the look out for things that will make us more efficient and finding a way to butt your own ladder is just one of them.

The nice thing about these types of options is that they still allow the ladder to be moved in a hurry when needed. There would be nothing worse then to see a brother or sister in trouble at a window and to be delayed by untying the ladder. Anything that can get the ladder raised quicker or moved quicker is a good thing!


FDIC 2014

Just a reminder that VentEnterSearch’s own Jimm Walsh will be presenting his class titled Aggressive Truck Functions for a Safer Fireground at FDIC on Wednesday April 9 3:30-5:15pm Room 236-237 we hope to see you there.


Here is a short description of the class:

Many people associate the term aggressive with unsafe, particularly when it comes to truck company functions. The fireground can actually be made safer through the timely execution of truck company functions. This presentation will stress the importance of aggressive truck functions on the fireground and their positive impact on fireground safety. Due to the limited staffing that most departments are currently facing, we must improve our efficiency on the fire ground. Many departments are cutting staffing or eliminating truck companies all together. Aggressive truck functions will allow everyone on the fireground to work in a safer and more efficient manner. This presentation will expand, and give valuable insight on the understanding of aggressive yet safe truck company skills, and the value of training. Class participants will gain valuable tips on how to increase the efficiently and effectiveness of their truck company functions. In addition, participants will better understand the necessity of truck company functions on every fire. Most importantly, participants will better understand how aggressive truck company functions can be utilized to create a safer fireground.


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