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From the Jump Seat to the Front Seat

Jimm Walsh, owner and webmaster here at will be presenting From the Jump Seat to the Front Seat on Saturday, April 28th 2012 in Greenville, NC. The class is being sponsored by Pitt Community College. This extremely motivational and informative class will focus on much more than basic leadership principles. While there are some basics of leadership that are applicable for any rank, this class will cover some specific principles for each rank from the bottom to the top. Click here to download the class flier.


FDIC 2012

VentEnterSearch’s own Jimm Walsh will be presenting a class titled Garden Apartment Fire Challenges at FDIC 2012. The class will on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 from 10:30 AM-12:15 in room 109-110.

Here is a short description of the class:

The focus is on the necessary command fireground functions and the roles of company officers and firefighters in mitigating a fire in a garden apartment structure. Discussions cover the unique challenges garden apartments present in a fire, apparatus placement, accessing the complex, understanding the construction type, ventilation possibilities, hoseline stretches, personnel needs, search priorities, and selecting the proper tactics.

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Door Hardening

Jason Dauta from St. Petersburg (FL) sent in these photos of a door-hardening product that is available at most home improvement stores. The product is a simple set of stamped steel plates secured with long screws. The kit involves three main components: door shields, jamb shields, and hinge shields. Each of these components is intended to help prevent the wood from splitting in the area of the door and jamb it is protecting. These devices are cheap (less than $75 for the set) and easy to install, so they may become more commonly found. These shields will keep the wood of the jamb from splitting from a kick-in style of forcible entry, but will pose minimal problems to a well-placed set of irons. The wood jamb, and wood door will still crush and deform as expected during the force. Simply Identify and Visualize, and these doors shields will be of little consequence.

The photo below shows the door shield installed. It goes over the latch faceplate and is also attached with long screws. Notice in the picture that the door is actually already split due to poor installation of the device.

The photo below shows the jamb shield installed. It replaces the normal strike plate and is attached with longer screws. It disperses the force and is intended to be more difficult to defeat than a traditional strike plate.

The photo below shows the hinge shield installed, it goes over the existing hinges.


Smaller Class Sizes

Steven Cunningham from Stafford County (VA) Quint 12 sent in these photos of something they found during a recent walk though of an elementary school. They saw a storage room that also had a sign for the sprinkler room, so obviously they wanted to check it out. When they opened the door, they were quite surprised at what they found.

Not only that the room was much larger then was expected, but more importantly, that the storage room had been converted into a small classroom. The sprinkler room is actually one room off of the former storage room (the door can be seen in the left side of the photo above.) Things like this could be happening more often due to the combination of school overcrowding and budget cuts. So they most important question is: would you have checked this room on a primary? What about the secondary? What if it didn’t have the sprinkler sign? It is also worth pointing out that this room has no windows or secondary means of egress.

We will never know of all of these instances that happen in our response areas, but we can do the best to prepare ourselves for them. We need to get out into our response areas, and walk through buildings on a regular basis, and always expect the unexpected. …We don’t think this is what the teachers had in mind when they said they wanted smaller class sizes.