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Through-the-Lock Sling

Chris Johnson sent in these photos of how the guys from Concord, NH Tower Ladder 1 found a better use for the bag they were issued as an MCI triage kit… They cut the waist belt off of the pouch and added some quick clips, allowing it to fit onto the side of the Hydra Ram perfectly. They use this to carry the through-the-lock tools hands free and in an organized way anywhere they go. The bag is actually clipped onto the swivel-ends of the shoulder strap, not the Hydra Ram itself. This allows the whole bag to come off when the shoulder strap is dropped to use the tool (although you can still use the tool with the bag hanging from it.) They also added some rope zipper pulls so the bag can be opened with gloves on.

Through-the-Lock Bag Contents:
• K-Tool
• Key Tools: standard one, home made one, and a 5/32” Fox one
• Shove Knife
• Vice Grips with Cable Handle
• (2) Door Chocks


Window Cages

Joe Barr from Pine Hill (NJ) sent in these photos of something they ran into on a recent run. The cages are not visible at all from the outside due to the window covering and the setback of the jamb. They are starting to notice these more throughout the area. The resident claimed that she is supposed to open the cages for the fire department if there were ever a fire. Some of the cages are locked by a master lock, and this one, blocked from opening by furniture. This makes opening them not a quick and easy task for the resident to accomplish. Whenever we are operating in a structure with blocked egress windows like this, some immediate attention should be given to their removal. Leaving something like this in place while crews are operating inside could put us behind the call if we needed to remove a victim, or even worse, one of us. Fortunately, these can be removed easily from the inside with a set of irons, the trick is identifying them, and prioritizing their removal.


From the Jump Seat to the Front Seat

Jimm Walsh, owner and webmaster here at will be presenting From the Jump Seat to the Front Seat on Thursday October 6th in Cincinnati, OH. The class is part of a two day seminar being hosted by Forest Park & Sycamore Professional Firefighters IAFF Locals 3024 & 3907. This extremely motivational and informative class will focus on much more than basic leadership principles. While there are some basics of leadership that are applicable for any rank, this class will cover some specific principles for each rank from the bottom to the top. Click here to download the class flier.


The Big Picture

Sometimes we are not even sure what to say about some of the videos that get sent in to us. This video was sent in by an anonymous friend. It seems like a good follow up to our most recent post discussing The Lost Art of the Fire Service. The real fun begins at 1:55, be sure to put it in full screen mode so you can truly appreciate the madness.


Actually, we take that back, this isn’t an issue about not understanding the Art, this is an issue about losing focus on what our objective is. It’s one thing for the first guy to do what he did (even though he should have known better), but the second guy should have been able to see the bigger picture. He was remote enough from the lunacy he should have realized what was happening. We cannot ever lose focus… We need to remember to work smarter, not harder on the fireground. You almost can’t go wrong grabbing the rotary saw when there is fire in a garage…

By the way, nice touch by the IC at about 1:29, it almost got away from ya there…

One last thought… Just because you know how to start the saw does not mean you know how to use it!